The Travel Story

The Jolly Pilgrim is a round-the-world, sex, drugs and rock ‘n’ roll travel story extravaganza, taking place across 60,000 miles, 24 countries, five continents and two years.

Adventures in this travel story include:

  • cycling from London to Istanbul
  • twice being attacked by killer bees
  • spending 12 days in a Zagreb infection hospital
  • being surrounded by feral dogs in a Bulgarian forest
  • swimming the Bosporus, from Europe to Asia
  • being robbed by motorcycle thieves in Cambodia
  • working in a Sydney drag club
  • hitchhiking across Australia
  • living as a hermit in Quito
  • dancing Salsa in an Ecuadorian women’s prison
  • nearly dying by an Andean volcano lake
  • getting abandoned at 5,000 metres, in the Bolivian desert

It provides the reader with a fly-on-the-wall view of a big global travel adventure, and contains lots of practical advice as to the financial, emotional and logistical considerations.

The travel story was recorded, via emails, in real time.

Today’s world offers opportunities for travelling experiences of unprecedented breadth and diversity. This travel story gives a first-hand account of going over the horizon and immersing yourself in what you find.

Anyone who is interested in travelling the world will find it interesting. It also contains philosophy.



What is extraordinary is the sheer volume of travel experiences contained within.
– Chloe Osborn, Redbrick Travel


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