Travel and Philosophy

The Jolly Pilgrim is a travel and philosophy book which presents the reader with two parallel, interwoven narratives: public-at-the-time emails send during a major world trip, along with personal, philosophical reflections from that journey.

As the story progresses, the two narratives play off against each other, telling the same story from different angles. One tells the story of travelling the world. The other provides an optimistic reframe as to the trajectory of human affairs.

In travelling and exploring our planet, my specific interests were world history, global culture and the wider human project. I therefore travelled so as to get inside the human world’s nooks, crannies and subcultures, and the heads of its different peoples.

The philosophical material in this travel book reflects those interests and focuses on:

  • world history
  • political evolution
  • cultural evolution
  • economic history
  • religious systems
  • the philosophy of travel


[The book’s] powers are elevating. We spend so much time in our own little boxes. 
The Jolly Pilgrim encourages you to take yourself out of your life and see the life all around you.
- Alexandra Wilks, The Stag


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