Tony Bowers

Anthony ‘the Tiger’ James Bowers is Assistant Reinvestment Director of the facilities management arm of a major London housing association. He is also a qualified quantity surveyor and vice captain of a well-known Surrey golf society.

Tony has been to jail five times in five different cities, in every case following massive night-long drinking binges and generally after taking it upon himself to hurl insults at the local constabulary (or, as he colloquially refers to them: ‘the pigs’). At 21.45 on Sunday, 22 March 1992 he was detained by the New South Wales police department while running naked across the playing field of the Sydney Cricket Ground, halfway through the World Cup Semi Final between England and South Africa (England won).

He was subsequently charged and convicted of (extremely) offensive behaviour.

Tony’s contributions to the project have been fundamental and included: giving me somewhere to live while completing the manuscript, providing an environment conducive to a seven-days-per-week work cycle and backing me to the hilt at every stage. Since June 2008 he’s been in the bear pit of the creative action, living in a weekend world where I burst periodically from my room to wave my arms around and talk very quickly about: to-do lists, deadlines, what I’m doing, how long I think it will take me, what I’ll be doing next and what I intend to do after that.

He’s also provided front line ‘so what?’; tastefulness and relevance testing to the background blogging and website work. His influence on the book has included prompting a re-write of the section concerning how humans relate to the universe and several turns of phrase which found their way into the manuscript after surfacing during our late-night philosophical discussions.

Tony’s hobbies include golf, literature and heavy metal music. He is a keen amateur guitarist.

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