Simon Hunt

Simon Hunt is head of science at the Manchester Grammar School. He has been an enthusiastic long-distance supporter of the book from its earliest phases, providing well-timed moral support during two of the most punishing periods of product creation.

In addition, Simon reviewed the sections pertaining to cultural anthropology and religion in their earliest and least polished drafts, supplying specific and extremely useful feedback. His comments on several flagship philosophical sections helped define the whole tone of how the world view would be articulated in the book. He also designed the header for this website.

Several years ago, Simon and I used to spend biweekly sessions painting pictures in each others heads of a world where exhibitionist bards conducted zany pan-continental adventures and grand neo-Roman empires spread their tendrils across lands of exotica. But that, of course, is another story.

Simon lives in Manchester with his wife, Claire, and his son, Alexander, who was born on 23 March 2010, weighing five pounds and four ounces.

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