Simon Cann

Simon Cann is a writer and musician who lives in south London. He was the person who first taught me to write, when I worked in his technical team at the West End offices of the American consultancy Towers Perrin, between 1998 and 2002.

Simon provided valuable ongoing feedback when the e-diary was a living, breathing beast. Then, in an act of unasked but utterly invaluable generosity, he set up the original website which (before being replaced by this one) made a public store of the e-diary between 2005 and 2009.

Simon primed me with background information on the publishing industry in 2007 and still sprinkles me with thoughts and tips on internet-age marketing techniques, and trends and fads within the book world. He’s answered numerous technical questions on publishing and drew up the formatting style for the book’s diary subchapters.

Simon has himself written more than 10 music-related and business-related books, including How To Make A Noise, Made it in China and Rocking Your Music Business. He also ghostwrites.

Simon’s website

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