Katie Roberts

Katie Stockton Roberts builds and controls interactive consensual hallucinations within the global computer matrix that entertain, instruct and inform.

Early in her career she was audiovisual manager for a major London-based investment bank, organizing conferences around Europe. She then took a masters degree in ‘Design for Interactive Media’, to fulfil her passion for writing lines of code that translate into beautiful on-line systems. She then worked as a Senior Interactive Developer for a leading global network of advertising, marketing and consulting companies, headquartered in New York City and with offices in 55 countries.

She now works for the mighty BBC.

For many years, Katie has been the power behind my throne. In the early noughties we threw a series of elaborate, weekend-long house parties involving cinema rooms, multiple DJs and Indian-styled gazebos. Katie organized the technical infrastructure, while I played front of house and took all the credit.

She also designed and orchestrated the flyer campaigns for those parties. The last such flyer was for my leaving party, featuring the NASA-derived image that would later be the cover of the book. Click here to see that flyer.

Since then, her work on The Jolly Pilgrim has been ongoing. She came up with several of the jokes, was project consultant for this website and designed the Enlightenment 2.0 business cards. She also edited the final video (adding that I was ‘obsessive compulsive’), checked the posters and adjusted the AI sheet. Finally, two days before the book launch, Katie took me round the clothes shops of Islington, personally picking my outfit.

Katie lives near Manchester with her son Solomon Roberts (born 22 November 2008), her daughter Lorelei Roberts (born 19 February 2011) and her lord, master and husband, Michael Roberts (born in the 1970s). She plays guitar in a Pink Floyd tribute band.

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