Ash is a writer, teacher, traveller, anarchist, games designer, philosopher and the Diogenes of the third millennium. He normally bases himself in England’s West Country, but has travelled widely, particularly in India. He designed two cult card games – including Hijack – and has written a book of games.

Ash provided one of the fiercest and most engaged counter commentaries to my round-the-world stream of consciousness between 2005 and 2007. During the book-production stage he supplied combative reviews of several parts of the thesis, including those dealing with civilisational logistics and Gaia theory. His interest in Asian history, religion and culture were a great help in reviewing the sub-chapter deconstructing global perceptions of China. Ash also gave me permission to use one of his fables elucidating upon the philosophy of science.

Most importantly, Ash is my chief spiritual advisor. He is the only person in my life to have read more holy books than I have, and his profound understanding of Middle Eastern, subcontinental Indian and Far Eastern spiritual systems has proved invaluable – both in advising on the merits of particular philosophical/holy texts and in reviewing related elements within The Jolly Pilgrim.

The last time I heard from Ash he was somewhere in the jungles of Peru.

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