Additional Consulting Support

Others who have helped me get this far include:

Jack Alexander who provided lots of essential information on anthropology. Tony Bacon who looked at early drafts of the flagship sub-chapters. Kevin Bowers for checking and advising on the legal contract. Becky Green who looked at both the first book plan and the earliest of my musings, then offered kind words when I was at my lowest ebb. Charlotte Eaton who, among other things, suggested I add a bit to the website honouring the people who helped me write the book. Janet Fulford who looked at the early drafts of the thread dealing with spiritual architecture, the book pitch and the original draft text for this website. Jane Isles who brilliantly reviewed chapters two, six and eight. Clare Johnson who provided copyediting advice and pointed me in the direction of the Oxford Style Manual. Lauren Johnston who provided facts and views regarding Indigenous Australian affairs. Sara Johnston who reviewed the section on the tapestry of the world’s peoples. Katherine Manners who advised on video body language and speech patterns. Professor Graham Martin who sharpened my thoughts on ecosystems. Heidi Mitchell who reviewed the section on the tapestry of the world’s peoples and gave me lots of moral support. Roger Mortimer who provided invaluable advice on how to construct flowing paragraphs. Linda Pevere who spotting typos in chapters one and two, and helped with the Italian words. Nick Raistrick, who pointed me in the direction of the Writers and Artist’s Guide and told me to put my hard hat on. Mike and Katie Roberts who checked that the website was cool enough and designed the business cards. Sally Rousham who cast a publisher’s eye over the book’s earliest draft. And finally, my Mum and Dad.

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