Testimonials – The Book

Below are testimonials from readers of The Jolly Pilgrim – both professional reviewers and member of the public around the world.


“An intriguing travelogue – part adventure story, part reflective musings …”
- National Geographic Traveller


“A mind-blowing read.”
- Redbrick Travel 


“A truly inspiring book.”
- Xmediaonline


“A next-generation travelogue.”
- The Stag, (Surrey University)


“Reading this book may change the way you think about the world.”
- The Actuarial Post


“Entertaining and inspiring.”
- James Reed, Chairman, REED


“[H]elped to cheer me up.”
- Martin Rees, the Astronomer Royal


“A crazy cycle trip across Europe resulted in a grand exploration of the world …”
- The Essex County Standard


“I was enthralled.”
- Leeds Student magazine (University of Leeds)


“A real-life odyssey. A jolly read indeed.”
- Travel Ideas Magazine


“[The] books is witty, wise, occasionally profound, and virtually unputdownable..”
- Robin Waterfield, Classicist, Translator and Author (robinwaterfield.com)


“The brilliance of the book comes from its readability and thought-provoking approach…”
- Matthew Benson, Frankfurt


“Very engaging indeed.”
- Professor Paul Wignall, Professor of Palaeoenvironments, University of Leeds


“Intelligence and insight and enthusiasm and willingness and openness and humour and joy and knowledge and depth and impeccable syntax.”
- Heidi Mitchell, New South Wales


“A truly inspiring journey of outer and inner discovery, the Phileas Fogg of the modern age. A brilliant narrative – it feels like we are living the experience as we read the book. Beautiful”
- David Marques Soares, Yoga Teacher, London


“Thank you for a great read of fun adventures and mindful meanderings that have both challenged yet also affirmed my faith, perhaps you have just reaffirmed my faith in humanity …. and this beautiful world.”
- Georgie Finn, Colchester


“Refreshing to hear someone who’s living a free intrepid ‘hippie’ adventure not follow the herd and parrot all the same clichés about how evil capitalism is the enemy.  I’ve often thought the word hippie needs reclaiming because I want to say I love nature and I believe every being is essentially divine, I just don’t believe in star signs.”
- Tarik Burns, Melbourne


“A worldview that’s both expansive and decidedly optimistic.”
- PositiveNews.org


“Optimistic, inspiring and suggests a different way of looking at the problems we face today.”
 - London Student (University of London)


“[The book] lifted me up, made me think at a higher level, and genuinely entertained me”
- Mark North, IT Business and Operational Strategist, New York State


“A modern day bawdy Canterbury Tale which weaves together the threads of the Sciences, Religions and History to produce a macro picture of our context in the Universe.”
- Geoff Arnold, Actuarial Consultant, Woking


“Beautiful read and a lovely philosophy regarding the context of life from our myopic human perspective. Fancy writing such a great book whilst having such a ball.”
- John Woods, Cheshunt


“Insightful, entertaining, moving, thought-provoking and funny.”
- Roy Mistry, London


“I love it. I can’t put it down. It makes me laugh very loudly.”
- Sole Boulan, Argentina


“Made me look at the world we live in with fresh eyes.”
- Steve Rose, Production Engineer, Southampton


“Inspiring. Food for thought. A book to remember.”
- Anna Bliszczyk, HR Assistant, Oxfordshire


“This book has it all…….its even therapeutic.”
- Philip Lancaster, Doctor, Norfolk


“I thoroughly enjoyed [this] book … the optimistic view … the references to history and pre-history – even as a classicist I learned so much.”
- Richard Post, CEO, REED 


“I became engrossed in the crescendo of ideas/philosophies”
- Daniel Mooncie, Investment Actuary, St Albans 


“[The book] made me both cry and snort with laughter several times in [one] half hour  It’s inspired.”
- Nathalie Walker, Head of Alumni Relations, University of Cambridge


“Very enjoyable holiday read filled with food for thought that will make you laugh.”
- Veronika Barbaglia, HR Manager, Government Actuary’s Department, London


“An intriguing and insightful read and difficult to put it down at times!”
- Russell Gill, Senior Risk Analyst, London


“I very much enjoyed [the] crisp prose and refreshing ideas.”
- James Carmondy, Solicitor, London


“I literally could not put it down and read the whole book in three days! It was nice to find such a pager turner.”
- Catherine Clark, Recruitment Resourcer, London


“I really, REALLY enjoyed The Jolly Pilgrim: a rollocking good travelogue, in all its page-turning reflectivity and concise expression of the sights, smells and sentiments encountered, but its philosophical meanderings … I cannot fault the ideas behind its inquiry – humanity rocks, and everything that’s going on around us is awe-strikingly amazing, super positive, and nothing short of the stuff dreams are made of.”
- Merlyn Perez-Silva, Sydney


“[A] great book that really made my mind think!.”
- Britnee Johnston, Global Traveller, Asia Somewhere


“Quite the inspirational adventure.”
- Ewen Tweedie, Actuary, Birmingham


“Really amazing and inspiring.”
- Kieron Scott Singh, Actuarial and Insurance Consultant, London


“Witty, knowledgeable and very thought provoking.”
- Delphine Stockton, Domestic Goddess


“Very inspiring.”
- Cecelia Cuzzo, Classicist, Italy


“A book that has made me think long after I have put it down about the implications for our civilisation in the future … and also a ripping good travel yarn.”
- Jarred Smith, TV Production Professional, Sydney


“Very impressive. I didn’t realise it was going to be that deep when I began.”
- Nick Kinrade, Consultant Actuary, Geneva


“Started out expecting a nice little travel adventure, and got so much more… a thought provoking, life-assessing jolt out of the rat race and back to the reality of the big picture.”
- Adam Dadswell, Audiovisual Manager, Surrey


“See the world in a grain of sand and heaven in a wild flower, hold infinity in the palm of your hand and read the jolly pilgrim in one hour.”
- Tom Mansfield, Speakers and Debates Curator, SGP Forum


“He puts the current search for sustainability in the context of human evolution … arguing forcefully that … growth and sustainability do not have to be mutually exclusive.”
– Treehugger.com


“I shed a tear reading the last page of The Jolly Pilgrim … the reasons are tenfold but mainly … because it was such a beautiful ending.”
- Lucy Bellwood, Recruitment Consultant, London

“Pete Baker’s Tigger-like enthusiasm for everything shines through in this enjoyable book … an entertaining and thought-provoking read..”
- Nick Raistrick, Media Development Director, East Africa Cup


“I’ve enjoyed [this book] first and foremost as a travelogue: the emotional rollercoaster, the loneliness, the intense camaraderie, the crossing and recrossing paths of many travelers … [the] invitation to humanity to cheer up and chill out is a welcome antidote to the sea of alarmist media around us.”
- Colin Wilson, Space Scientist, Paris


“I loved [the] sections on human evolution and our cosmic expression in the greater tree of life. It was a fantastic read and well written … a world of a thousand images … it has certainly got me pondering on its many issues..”
- Ghazalee Bukht, New York


“Reading this book was a real education.”
- Rowan Mollison, Recruiter and Property Tycoon, London


“Having been drawn in, I couldn’t put the book down, and was extremely impressed by the depth and insights. By the end I was feeling optimistic about the human race and our potential.”
- Tracy Keverne, Housing Officer, London


“One of those rare books that makes you realise how precious life is.”
- Dr. C. Williams, Geophysicist, Lincoln


“A great, witty, colourful, provoking narrative.”
- Cheryl Maslin, Australia


“I was intrigued by the travel story before the Jolly Pilgrim reached France; by the time he was talking to his tent and swimming the Bosporus, I was thoroughly won over … but I still thought it was just a travel tale … Until the big guns start blazing …”
- William Sutton, Novelist


“I have never thought about evolution and globalisation before. I really do feel Enlightened 2.0.”
- Hannah Al-Rifai, Solicitor, London


“[A] book that is enjoyable, interesting and thought provoking. As you are swept along in the tales of his travels you are drawn into an appreciation for all that mankind has achieved and the global issues confronting us.”
- William Spiers, Modelling Actuary 


‘One of the triumphs of [the book's] thesis is to put it all in perspective and to see the forest for the trees. Very inspiring.’
- Jim DeSeve, Filmmaker, New York


“A book that manages to be both informative and thought provoking whilst simultaneously … entertaining and funny.”
- Sarah O’Connor, Anglesey 


The Jolly Pilgrim is a carefully crafted, humorous and thought provoking book, outlining the author’s views on human civilisation framed within the trial and tribulations and occasional hedonism of a two-year worldwide adventure …”
- Dr Quintin Davies, Geophysicist


“Frickin life-changing.”
- Sally Major, Web Writer


“This book … challenges us with a reframe, where all of us as a species – and each one of us – are asked to see ourselves within the bigger, much BIGGER, picture …”
- Donna Copnall, Peace-Builder and Aid Consultant, Suffolk


“Amazing stuff… Lent it on to my mum!”
- Dominic Perez-Silva, Events Organiser, London


“Bravo. May I retain [the book's] sense of joy in all of my future travels”
- Rebecca Hallam, Sydney


“I love the book. What’s next? A movie?”
- Victoria Odinet, Washington State, USA


“So inspiring.”
- Maja Badovinac, UK Embassy Staff, Slovenia


‘Fantastic read. One of the few travel books I’ve read in the last few years that actually takes you to that moment.’
- Dallas Beasley, Senior Associate, Melbourne


“I loved it!”
- Emma Crosskey, Watford


“Interesting and fun!”
- Sheila Harty, Life Actuary, Dublin


“The philosophy meshes with what I think, but was much better articulated then I could have ever done.”
- Matt Jacobi, IT expert, London


“Baker peddles philosophy as easily as he pedals his bicycle. A really enjoyable read.”
- Colin McCarthy, Capital Actuary, London


“[A] jolly good read”
- Bruce Hawkins, Thailand


“Reading [this] magnificent tome, having thoroughly enjoyed it whilst on holiday … you’re going to need to write another one of these …”
- Ian Bull, Headhunter, London


“[A] must-read for anybody who’s traveled, loved, pondered a better way of life and likes to live life to the max.”
- Matt Adkins (online review)


“Tired of daily drudgery? Can’t see the point any more? Feel like quitting your job and taking a holiday? Save yourself time and money, read this book … Utterly fascinating and compelling (and hugely provocative) … I have not read a more topical or a more hopeful book.”
- Tigerlilly (online review)


“I started reading this book because a friend suggested it, I finished reading it because I couldn’t put it down.”
- Memento Mori (online review)


“When I picked up Peter Baker’ s book I wasn’t completely sure what I had got hold of … What I had not anticipated was how uplifting the book would be … I could not put his book down and wanted to read more and more detail of his adventures.”
- Lush1961 (online review)


“It was a pleasure to read an attempt at a unified, inclusive theory of humankind’s past, present and future that managed to be both realistic and blazingly positive …”
- By ecclesarcher “erias” (online review)


“Written with beauty, wit and clarity, this is an incredible and absorbing read.”
- Sam b (online review)


“Funny, thought provoking and surprisingly informative – probably best described as a cathedral. Expertly crafted, intricately linked and developed over a long period of time …”
- Doc (online review)


The Jolly Pilgrim is a must read … for those who go about their daily lives thinking ‘there has to be something more, what am I missing?’ This book will put it all into perspective.”
- Steph (online review)


“Peter Baker’s light-hearted approach to life really came across in the book, and the tales of his travels were genuinely engaging, not a cliché in sight.”
- Elthorne (online review)


“Part travel-adventure diary, partly a deeper look into what the F we’re doing here … [a] really amazing book.”
- Dom (online review)


“The travelogue portions of the book are written in a wonderfully personable style that’s neither chummy nor patronising … The author’s philosophy concerning the nature and fate of humanity won’t be to everyone’s taste. … [but] he argues for his views, and his arguments are consistently both thought-provoking and germane.”
- C-3PO (online review)


“Excellently written, thoroughly engaging, deeply thought-provoking.”
- Diogenes (online review)


“Intelligent, warm and provoking – an elegantly written and sharp take on what it is to be a thinking, feeling individual wending their way through the current moral maelstrom of illiberal, historical, political, antiscientific, religious and self-serving global media hype.”
- Jane (online review)


“It’s bloody brilliant.”
- Joanne Van (Course Coordinator, The Forest of Dean)


“Well written, funny, lighthearted, intriguing and educational”
- Joanne Young


“A f***ing magnificent achievement.”
- Simon Can, Writer, Surrey 


“By the middle of chapter 6 it becomes clear this is more than just a travel story … [The subsequent] essays are meticulously crafted, stimulating, intellectually robust and form a coherent lens through which to view civilization at the dawn of the 21st century.”
- Patrick van Beek, Risk Actuary, Bristol 


“A cracking good read from cover to cover! You get taken on a great fun roller coaster ride through the author’s travels around the world, and all the while being treated to commentaries on his thoughts about human civilisation and the world we live on …”
- Tony Bowers, Housing Association Assistant Director, London


“[A] travel story, a world view and a really rather cheerful antidote to feeling the world may be doomed to choke on its own exhaust fumes. The Jolly Pilgrim will force you away from regurgitating the clichés of the current epoch and into feeling sunnier about our species and future.”
- Mark Snare, Businessman, Enfield


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