Below are the reference pages for The Jolly Pilgrim, setting out the sources for data quoted in the book. They are divided up by chapter and subchapter.

Where relevant, I’ve provided context for the data. For example: where the numbers are moving (e.g. global population projections) I’ve provided links to more recent data, and to discussion pieces I found insightful.

In compiling the book, one issue was that when keeping the diary I often didn’t note my original source. In such cases, we generally erred on the side of intellectual credibility – replacing unsourcable numbers with those I could definitively reference.

Finally, I’ve used this opportunity to offer additional commentary regarding some of the matters discussed in the book. In so doing, I’ve tried not to give away too many of it’s internal cross-references and allusions. It’s more fun for readers to work those out for themselves.

Part 1: The Bicycle Ride Part 2: Metropolis Part 3: Asian Fluctuations
Part 4: Down Under Part 5: Hindustan Part 6: The Boiling Pot
Part 7: Magical Mystery Tour Part 8: On Bread Loaf Mountain Part 9: Global Deconstruction
Part 10: Pilgrim Unplugged


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