What I’m Trying to Achieve


Humans everywhere share the same goals when the context is large enough.
– Carl Sagan


There is nothing to stop humankind establishing a long-term, environmentally sustainable global civilisation, which is inclusive, socially and economically just, minimises violence and suffering, and in which all humans (to paraphrase the late Bill Hicks) can live dignified, self-actualised lives and explore space – inner and outer – together, forever, in peace.

No law of nature stop us from doing that. The goal is achievable within foreseeable timeframes.

It can be done via collective action, over a period longer than a single human lifetime and through a realistic view of the human project. If the human race thought about things in that way and set policy with that long-term game plan in mind, we’d be much more likely to achieve it.

The Jolly Pilgrim is intended to make that case, encourage people to see that future as achievable and work towards it.


He doesn’t minimise the problems we face and doesn’t offer glib solutions. 
It’s not that kind of book, and all the better for it.
– The Actuarial Post


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