The State of Humanity – some numbers

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The often-accepted narrative of a world in decline is inconsistent with the facts. Judging the state of humanity from first principles – that of a species of evolved, fallible apes on a rock with no rule book, making it up on the fly – is not only the most realistic way to think about human civilisation, but lends itself to a profoundly optimistic, big-picture reinterpretation of today’s social, economic and geopolitical realities. Read more »

45: Common Era or The Year of Our Lord?

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26 March 2012

I’ve been asked to explain (and justify) why I use (and favour) the CE (Common Era) and BCE (Before Common Era) dating system, rather than the more traditional AD (Anno Domini, or ‘In the Year of Our Lord’) and BC (‘Before Christ’) system. Read more »

44: Apotheosis Revisited

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19 February 2012

A tricky decision while compiling The Jolly Pilgrim was how hard to go with the final global musings. In particular, the thirteenth: Apotheosis.

In the end, we chose to tone down the original draft (for the book), and post the ‘uncut’ version online at a later date. You can now find it here: Link to original version of GM13: Apotheosis Read more »

43: Counterarguments

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12 February 2012

It’s very useful when people attack the basic positions set out in The Jolly Pilgrim.

Those are: Read more »