12: Contributing Artists

Posted in Diary posts on June 7th, 2010 by Peter Baker

7 June 2010

The process of turning two years of public correspondence (and four battered notebooks worth of scribblings, numbers, quotes, tables and poetry) into a product to encourage a more realistic comprehension of this ‘human civilisation’ gig wasn’t just a one-man show.
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11: A Series of Jolts to the System

Posted in Diary posts on May 27th, 2010 by Peter Baker

27 May 2010

I’m going off-theme for this update. Last Wednesday, I had an experience which shook me. I have to share.

I’ve been going on dates with a woman called Charlotte Eaton. Last week, Charlotte took me to Udderbelly, the venue on the South Bank run by Channel 4. The gig, ‘No Offence… But’, involved a panel of comedians exploring the limits of acceptability in comedy. Read more »

10: Meanwhile, Back in the City

Posted in Diary posts on May 10th, 2010 by Peter Baker

10 May 2010

In the day job, nothing stays the same for long. The two Claires left me. ‘The Hutch’ to do something less stressful and ‘Lady Claire’ to create a new human being from scratch.
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9: The Interlude

Posted in Diary posts on April 26th, 2010 by Peter Baker

26 April 2010

From 7 February, with the book done, life began opening up.

The arm tied behind my back swung out – flexing away the pins and needles – and long-stagnant to-do lists were assessed, prioritised then stripped down. Starting with the basics: visit the doctor, the dentist and the hospital (it’s official: I’m healthy). Next, life logistics: fill forms, make calls, write letters, divert an income stream into a pension, set up an investment account, attack the massive unsecured loan I took out to spend a year living in a shed.
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8: The Final Cut

Posted in Diary posts on February 15th, 2010 by Peter Baker

15 February 2010

Tony the Tiger update: Tony has taught himself to read music.  Four months ago he still thought musical stave lines directly represented guitar strings.  Now he can sight read ‘The Star-Spangled Banner’.  It’s remarkable.  It’s like living with a curmudgeonly east-London version of Jimmi Hendrix.  We’ve lined Tony up a gig at next summer’s Peace Fest.  He’s hoping he’ll attract some groupies.

December was mental.  By the 4th I had the month planned out hour-by-hour to ensure I used every moment for the penultimate editing and review sessions – picking through text with my heroic copyeditor, sitting in kitchens soaking up reaction, protracted arguments about the presentation of ideas, then head down: actioning, tweaking, adjusting and fine-tuning.
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