37: On Sabbatical, Part 1 – Riots

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27 November 2011

On the worst night of the London riots, Tony was sanguine, treating the whole thing as sport (‘Wah-hey, it’s kicking off in Ealing now!’). As disorder turned to mayhem, he reminisced about the London jails he’d been locked up in himself over the years (Holborn and South Tottenham, for the record) and the roughings-up he’d received at the hands of the cops Read more »

The Jolly Pilgrim – references and supporting text

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17 November 2011

Good Morning Everybody

The reference sections (Appendix II) for The Jolly Pilgrim are now live, so we finally have a complete, internet-supported product. Every number, and most of the facts, are sourced on these pages. If I’ve missed anything, do point it out. Read more »

Please spread the love

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Hello Everybody

People keep asking for something to explain the book to their friends. Apparently my explanations are over-complicated, so I’ve lifted three sets of other people’s words (below).

The only thing which matters now is word of mouth. I’d be astoundingly grateful if you’d spread the word, using one of the explanations below, or one of your own. Read more »

The Jolly Pilgrim – media update (October 2011)

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Hello All

Time for a media update:

East Anglian press feature

Following our extracts in the national and international press, the local papers, in my very own East Anglia, have got in on the act.  Read more »

Website update and Reader’s Gallery

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Hello All

Some additions to the website:

  • A Readers Gallery of pictures I’ve been sent from around the world, including: a Darlek, a crustacean, a man on the khazi and a reader knocked senseless through metaphysics. Please do contribute. Read more »