40: Sabbatical IV: Anything Which Can Go Wrong

Posted in Diary posts on January 23rd, 2012 by Peter Baker

23 January 2012

After years of saying ‘Sorry, I can’t spend time with you because I’m writing a book’ my sabbatical brought the long-awaited delight of visiting the people I’ve been missing. First, my big sister, Ruth, and her family, who are in a seriously happy place in East Yorkshire. Life there is dominated by Polly (eldest niece, five, red head, ancestors were rapacious Viking warlords) and Martha (youngest niece, two, a tub-sized engine of chaos). Read more »

39: Sabbatical III – St Paul’s Protesters

Posted in Diary posts on December 15th, 2011 by Peter Baker

15 December 2011

My editor, Sid, took me down to St Paul’s Cathedral, where since mid-October there has been a camp of people protesting against capitalism, among other things. It was a grey and overcast day, with occasional drizzle. The camp is a reduced version of what one finds at performing arts festivals – around 10 white, framed gazebos, scattered amongst a hundred two- to four-man dome tents. A bloke with a cart was making a good fist of keeping the place clean. No one seemed to be doing any harm. Read more »

Give someone the spirit of positivity this Christmas

Posted in Book updates on December 9th, 2011 by Peter Baker

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38: On Sabbatical, Part II – Fat Boy

Posted in Book updates on December 4th, 2011 by Peter Baker

4 December 2011

Forty-eight hours after the book launch, I found myself at a fetish party. It was pandemonium: populated by glamorous ladies wearing tight black latex; a couple dressed as vampires (inc. fangs); and a fellow with impressive upper body development, who’d spent 13 years as a stripper, and who explained to me in excruciating detail how cock rings work (!). Read more »

37: On Sabbatical, Part 1 – Riots

Posted in Diary posts on November 27th, 2011 by Peter Baker

27 November 2011

On the worst night of the London riots, Tony was sanguine, treating the whole thing as sport (‘Wah-hey, it’s kicking off in Ealing now!’). As disorder turned to mayhem, he reminisced about the London jails he’d been locked up in himself over the years (Holborn and South Tottenham, for the record) and the roughings-up he’d received at the hands of the cops Read more »