The State of Humanity – some numbers

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The often-accepted narrative of a world in decline is inconsistent with the facts. Judging the state of humanity from first principles – that of a species of evolved, fallible apes on a rock with no rule book, making it up on the fly – is not only the most realistic way to think about human civilisation, but lends itself to a profoundly optimistic, big-picture reinterpretation of today’s social, economic and geopolitical realities. Read more »

Media update – June 2012

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Middlesbrough Literary Festival

Doing a talk at the Middlesbrough Literary Festival, next Tuesday 19th June. Among other things, they want a reading. I was thinking ‘Wide-Angle Lens’ (starting at the bottom of page 66). Any other suggestions?

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Media Update – May 2012

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Recent media for The Jolly Pilgrim:


The Actuarial Post - article and review

The Actuarial Post published an article about the book, along with a marvellous (and, dare I say it, insightful) review by a Fellow of the Institute and Faculty of Actuaries. Click here to see it. Read more »

Jeremy Paxman – Sarah Agassi interview in ‘Empire’

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This post is off-topic from this blog’s normal subject matter, for reasons explained below.



My father was a dispatch rider for the Royal Army Ordinance Corps, in Palestine, between 1946 and 1948. During that time a terrorist organisation called Irgun planted a bomb at the King David Hotel in Jerusalem, which was then the headquarters of the British Army and the Palestine government. It killed 91 people. Read more »

46: Phase Change

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28 March 2012

Good Morning Everybody

I‘ve resolved to keep you informed with media and website updates etc, but from now on I’ll spare you the blow-by-blow account of my movements, and especially my love life (because I keep getting myself in trouble). Read more »