48: Journey to the Olympic closing ceremony

Posted in Diary posts on August 11th, 2012 by Peter Baker

11 August 2012

Since moving to Manor Park, five-minutes by train from the Olympic site, in 2008, I’ve watched the stadium rise from the wasteland north of Stratford during daily commutes to the City.

Beyond that physical manifestation of their approach, for most of the past four years the Olympic Games only impinged upon my consciousness to the extent of the predictable rows over their budget, occasional stories about Team GB and the reshaping of local land prices and transport connections. All that changed at the end of last year when a friend suggested I apply to be a volunteer cast member in the closing ceremony. Read more »

Secret Gardens, Web Platforms and Comedy Ted

Posted in Book updates on July 19th, 2012 by Peter Baker

I’m appearing at the Secret Garden Party festival, in Cambridgeshire, at 17.00, this Sunday 22nd July 2012, in the Forum tent. My talk will be about: Read more »

47: Writing and publishing a travel book

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A blow-by-blow, first-hand account of writing and publishing the travel and philosophy book, The Jolly Pilgrim, is now live on this website.

The sales documents used to represent the book to agents and publishers are also online, as a free PDF download (both here and on page six, linked below). Writers and aspiring writers should feel free to use these documents for ideas, inspiration, or as an example of how to sell work. Read more »

A Jealous and Avenging God (excerpt)

Posted in Website content on July 7th, 2012 by Peter Baker

The Jolly Pilgrim, Part 1, musings 6

This is an excerpt from the book, to add content for the ‘Religious Architecture’ section. The excerpt was mainly written in the Croatain infection hospital, in Zagred, where I read the second half of the Bible, a bit before starting the Qur’an. 


To claim that a book was directly, deliberately and uniquely inspired by God, that God is perfect and can do anything and that the book in question contains His complete and eternal message for humanity is a very big set of claims. One would expect such a book to be – at the very least – comprehensively spectacular and overflowing with transcendent wisdom. Read more »

My Influences

Posted in Website content on June 26th, 2012 by Peter Baker

In writing a travel and philosophy book dealing with humanity’s cultural and political evolution, in addition to physically exploring the world, it was necessary to do a lot of reading.

For those interested in world history, global society, cultural and technological evolution, the wider human project or the worldview expounded in The Jolly Pilgrim, below are a list of my key intellectual influences, in rough order of importance. Read more »