Book Update – December 2009

Posted in Book updates on December 13th, 2009 by Peter Baker

The first seven chapters are 100 per cent complete.  Chapter eight needs some feedback incorporated.  I’m fielding feedback on chapters nine and 10 now.

I’ve drawn up my pitch documentation.  Once the product development is wrapped up I plan to concentrate on trying to persuade agents to help me.  I’ll start by pitching to the ones who contacted me in response to this website.  As that sales process gears up, I hope to find time to start shouting about it.

Job on.

5: Creative Process Report

Posted in Diary posts on October 2nd, 2009 by Peter Baker

2 October 2009

This doesn’t get any easier. Leaving work every Friday evening – brain fried – I head to the gym to clear my head for the weekend. Then it’s back to east London where I lock myself away, sit at my desk and put in the hours. By Saturday afternoon I’m in the zone – emerging hourly to babble at Tony, make more tea, or trot to the far side of the apartment where a wired-up computer has and permanently open.

Where I am now would have been a dream a year, even six months, ago. But I’m still not done. That’s because I’m desperately short of the one truly non-renewable resource; time. There’s too much to do and never enough hours to invest more than the barest minimum in anything, or anyone, outside the essentials – work, book, Mum, Dad.

And so, stage-by-stage, every other part of my life has been screwed up. Read more »

What’s the book about?

Posted in Book updates on May 10th, 2009 by Peter Baker

I’ve been asked for a one-paragraph explanation of the book – something people can use to explain it to their friends.

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Book Update – May 2009

Posted in Book updates on May 9th, 2009 by Peter Baker

How is the book going?

The brief answer: really well.

If you’re interested in the long answer, here you are…

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4: Jolly Pilgrim Life Update

Posted in Diary posts on March 22nd, 2009 by Peter Baker

22 March 2009

Following my 24-month communion with the planet Earth and 12-month shed-based drafting of a manual for better understanding its civilisation; last June I moved back to London, and into the digs of my now landlord: the legendary Tony “The Tiger” Bowers.

In terms of poshness, I’ve gone up a notch. Back in the north-London years it was all bohemian grunge. Nowadays we’re pretty swish with modern art on the walls and a 50-inch flat screen TV.

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