What’s Happening To Us? – The Jolly Pilgrim, Video 6

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Book Update – July 2011 – Release dates and ebooks

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3 July 2011

Hello Everybody

The first paperback print run of The Jolly Pilgrim will be delivered from the printers to my publishers, the HotHive, this Thursday, 7 July 2011. Read more »

33: Production Schedule, Part III – The Finale

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29 June 2011

To choose a typesetting format, Charlotte (the designer) mocked-up Chapter 1 in three example styles. I commented, she altered them, I agonised for a week, then picked one.

Sara (the production manager) and I then went back and forth, tweaking the chosen style, for eight days and 23 emails, before I signed it off and she sent the manuscript to be typeset.  Read more »

Warts and All – The Jolly Pilgrim, Video 5

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32: Production Schedule, Part II

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20 June 2011

The Blurb

Summarise the book in 150 words? Tricky. I did a draft and sent it to my production team. They commented. I drafted anew. Concurrently, two of them drafted their own versions. One (by Sid, my editor) was profound and philosophical. I loved it. One (by Si) was lighter and more frivolous. I disregarded it. After re-writing my own version (literary and classical), I was persuaded into some market-testing. Read more »