What is the Book About? – The Jolly Pilgrim, Video 9

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What is the book about?

What is the book about?

This book is about the fact that, even though life is very hard, this is the greatest golden age the world has ever seen by every parameter of human welfare that it is possible to measure, and there is every reason to believe that our species can look forward to ever more glorious ages of collective self actualisation and enlightenment.

And everyone alive gets to be part of that. So please, let’s embrace it.

A baby civilisation on an antique world

The proper study of man


Put Childish Things Aside – The Jolly Pilgrim, Video 8

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One of the extraordinary things about this age is that the way we experience the universe is being subjected to systematic study. Lots of insights are being thrown up. We, as citizens of planet Earth, should be assimilating those insights into our world views and attempting to understand what they mean for us.

That’s what I tried to do – explore the world as thoroughly as I could then, combining what I’ve experienced with what I’ve learned and using information available to anyone who can read, I’m going to suggest how we might interpret it.

Put childish things aside

34: One Chapter Ends, Another Begins

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17 July 2011

The day the first books were delivered it was rain, shine, rain, shine. Filled with emotion, I took the afternoon off and caught a train to Manor Park. I was on the edge of tears by the time the Olympic Stadium glided past. A vortex of nervous energy. A once-in-a-lifetime moment. Tingling. Read more »

Book-Creation Visuals

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Some of the team from the HotHive were kind enough to head down to the factory where the first print run of books were created. Read more »

Like You See It – The Jolly Pilgrim, Video 7

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Say it like you see it

We are a species of carbon-based life form. We came to be here via a set of evolutionary processes which have now been deconstructed. We live on a planet spinning around a star. The universe in which this is happening is baffling and mysterious. We’re fallible. No one has provided a rule book for civilisation. And there are no precedents to follow.

If one is prepared to take an evidence-based approach to what is, and is not, true, none of that is even slightly controversial. So it’s conceptually straightforward to assess our world in a way which simply presupposed those things to be the case.

Say it like you see it