36: Enlightenment 2.0

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22 September 2011

My publisher has asked me to set out the meaning of the phrase ‘Enlightenment 2.0’, which appears on the jacket of The Jolly Pilgrim, but isn’t formally explained in the text. Read more »

Update – ebook and gallery

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Hello Everyone


The Kindle version of The Jolly Pilgrim is now on sale, from Amazon (.co.uk and .com). It will be on sale on the Waterstones website early next week.

Click here to buy it from amazon.co.uk
Click here to buy it from amazon.com

The Apple iBook version will be released in about one week. I’ll drop you another note when it’s appeared. Read more »

The Jolly Pilgrim – media update

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17 August 2011

Since the book launch, my publishers have released two extracts. We’ve been very pleased with the reactions so far. Read more »

35: Book Launch (and speech transcript)

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6 August 2011

The weekend following the start of my sabbatical, I began to rearrange my chess pieces and prepare for the book launch. Just as I was getting to grips with things, my colleagues in arms, Martin and Catherine Stone, whisked me out of London for some R&R at The Secret Garden Party festival.

It didn’t disappoint. In attendance were the cream of Britain’s youth. Everyone was beautiful, friendly, polite, well balanced and mad for it. What joy. We retreating to camp every night, only to charge off again at 1 a.m. for yet another four-hour party session. The experience reminded me how much I love living on this planet. Read more »

What is the Book About? – The Jolly Pilgrim, Video 9

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What is the book about?

What is the book about?

This book is about the fact that, even though life is very hard, this is the greatest golden age the world has ever seen by every parameter of human welfare that it is possible to measure, and there is every reason to believe that our species can look forward to ever more glorious ages of collective self actualisation and enlightenment.

And everyone alive gets to be part of that. So please, let’s embrace it.

A baby civilisation on an antique world

The proper study of man