Archive Project 3: Baker-Marsh, 1970 to 2010

This is set 3 of 3 of the list of online albums created from the Donnelly-Marsh-Baker archiving project – which involved scanning and archiving online the photos (dating to between 1987 and 2010) left at Earlings.

This set is everything dating from after Jyl and Reg settled at Earlings and had their family from 1972. It consists of photos from the Ancestor Chest, photos from Reg and Jyl’s albums, photos from my own albums up to 1992, photos from the scans of Reg Baker’s SLR camera negatives, and various photos gathered up from Reg’s bungalow after he died. This part of the archive is most extensive for the 1970s and 1980s periods, and trails off in the late 1990 and 2000s. 

Click on the titles to go to the online albums.

Baker-Marsh 1970s

11.1 – Baker-Marsh 1970s, General
General photos from the Baker-Marsh clan in the 1970s. Mostly taken in and around Lufkins and Earlings, in Dedham. This album features Jyl, Reg, Pip, Lyn, Bess, Zoe, Stafford, Burt, Ruth, Thia Howard, Pagan, Matthew, Peter, Judy, Nick and Ben. (76 photos)

11.2 – Sailing to the Scilly Isles, c.1971
Photos from a sailing adventure to the Scilly Isles on Pip’s boat, featuring Pip, Reg, Jyl and a bearded fellow I cannot identify. I believe this was about 1971. The participants talked about their antics on this trip for many years. I got the impression it was a flagship adventure. (16 photos)

11.3 – Ruth & Peter, as Toddlers / Babies, 1972 to 1976
Ruth and Peter in the early years – from babies to toddlers. Roughly in chronological order. Multiple guest-star appearances by Stafford. These photos date from around 1972 (when Ruth was born) to 1976 (when Peter was 2 and Ruth turned 4). This album contains some beautiful compositions by Reg. (100 photos)

11.4 – Ruth & Peter, as Young Kids, 1976 to 1979
Primarily photos of Ruth and Peter as young kids – from circa 1976 to 1979. Roughly in chronological order. Also featuring Reg, Jyl, Nessa French, Zoe Marsh, Janet Fulford, Stafford, Pia and others. (63 photos)

11.5 – 1970s, Gatherings & Parties
Photos of gatherings and parties from the 1970s at Earlings, Lufkins and Gothic. Practically the whole Marsh, Donnelly, Copnall and Baker families appear in this album. (57 photos)

11.6 – The Black & White Album
Gorgeous black and white images from the 1970s, put into the same album because they make a beautiful set which seemed to go together. Lots of happy pictures of Bess, and various of her children and grandchildren, with everybody looking great. It’s the final album in which Bess appears. (48 photos)

11.6 – USA Visit: 1975
In 1975, Jyl Marsh, and her family, went to visit her sister, Lyn Howard, and her family, near Albany in upstate New York. Featuring Jyl, Lyn, Reg, Burt, Pagan, Thia, Ruth and Peter. Many of these shots are from the negatives from Reg’s SLR camera (i.e. the original prints hadn’t survived). (29 photos)

11.7 – USA Visit: 1979
Jyl and family visited Lyn and family in 1979, for several months. This was a seminal period and a major character-building and growing-up experience for Ruth and Peter. It’s when they first encountered the legendary DeSeve clan and really started to know Pagan and Thia. Many adventures. Not that many photos. (16 photos)



Baker-Marsh 1980s

12.1 – 1980s General, Earlings and Surrounds
Main collection of photos from the 1980s. Grouped mainly by subject, and a bit by estimated date. Featuring: Earlings, Ruth Baker, Peter Baker, Jyl Marsh, Reg Baker, Stafford Walton, Tobin Savage, Quintin Davies, Lyn Howard/Alexander, Gwendle Savage, Nick Brown, Ben Brown, Thia Howard, Karen DeSeve, Jim DeSeve, Pia de la March, Pip de la March, Thia Copnall, Donna Copnall and the cat. (149 photos)

12.2 – 1980s Gatherings, Trips & Parties
Photos of various events in the 1980s. Including: Colchester Carnival, gatherings at Earlings, Cattawade swimming, camping trips, Kentwell Hall, the family holiday to Hadrian’s Wall, trips to amusement parks with Gwendle and Tobin, and Lyn and Jyl’s trip to Barcelona. (61 photos)

12.3 – Aunty Paddy in the 1980s
Photos of Edith Highfield nee Marsh a.k.a “Aunty Paddy” (1891 to 1985) towards the end of her life.
Edith stands out in having made it from the pre-1900 Victorian formal shots (album 2, above), all the way to the 1980s. She died shortly before her 94th birthday. These are primarily shots from her birthday party at Earlings, and one picture with her dog Shen in Belgium in 1981. At the end, I’ve added some photos from her youthful prime. (12 photos)

12.4 – Ruth & Peter – School Photos
School portraits of Ruth and Peter from the end of the 1970s to the 1980s. The early ones are from Littlegarth in Dedham, the later ones are from East Bergholt High School. (14 photos)


12.5 – Caens, Pagan, 1984
In 1984, the Marsh-Baker family joined the Howard family in Caens, in northern France, to watch Pagan Howard compete for the USA in the world cycling championships. The trip took place during a barmy summer, and the UK party made its way there in a blue van named “Fanta”. We camped. It was one of the best family events of the 1980s. Featuring: Pagan Howard, Pip de la March, Pia de la March, Stafford Walton, Thia Copnall, Jerry DeSeve, Lyn Howard, Jyl Marsh, Ruth Baker, Joanne (Ruth’s friend), Tobin Savage and Peter Baker. (14 photos)

Pagan Howard, Caens, France, 1984

12.6 – The Scilly Isles, 1984
Photos from the trip to the Scilly Isles in 1984. Featuring: Jyl, Ruth, Peter, Thia, Gwendle and Tobin. There was a major storm that blew away the tents. We went to see The Karate Kid at the cinema. (14 photos)

12.7 – The Great Storm of 1987
Photos of the aftermath of the Great Storm which ravaged southern Britain and northern France on 15–16 October 1987. The storm devastated Earlings’ garden, uprooting multiple trees, including a giant oak and two giant pear trees which had been amongst the its central denizens. (8 photos)

12.7 – Peter in the USA, 1988
Photos from Peter Baker’s 1988 trip over the Atlantic to spend two weeks in the care of his aunt, Lyn, her family and crew. It was a crucial chapter in young Peter’s development. He returned pumped with self-confidence, and having learned of hiking. (23 photos)

12.8 – Dedham in the Snow
Photos from Dedham during snowy winter days in the 1980s. These images are not from the same time or even the same year, but I thought they belonged together. Featuring Bargate Lane (where we all used to go sledging), Jane, Richard, Pip, Pia, Pippin, Peter, Ruth, and Jyl. (20 photos)



Baker-Marsh 1990s

13.1 – 1990s Photos, General
General family photos from the 1990s. Including: a geek in his den, the cat, Rubin, Tobin (including his graduation), Ruth, table tennis, family pictures, the solar eclipse, and lots of Earlings. (72 photos)

13.2 – Dunwich Walk c. 1990
Photos from a big family walk somewhere close to Dunwich. It was around 1990 (ish), and the classic Donnelly-Marsh-Copnall experience. Everybody was present, including: Johnny Donnelly, Sandra Donnelly, Bridget Donnelly, Imo Donnelly, Imo’s boyfriend Kevin, Thia Copnall, Gwendle Savage, Tobin Savage, Jack Alexander, Lyn Alexander, Bue Aldred, Tull Aldred, Moya Copnall, Donna Copnall, Cynthia Copnall, Hugh Copnall, Reg Baker, Jyl Marsh, Ruth Baker and Peter Baker. (13 photos)

13.3 – Live Role Playing, 1993 to 1995
While at university, Peter Baker was involved in live-action role playing (LARP). His mother, Jyl, a former TV costumier, masterminded the outfits. These are mainly Gathering-related costumes from between 1993 and 1995. Featuring Peter, Ben, and the Durham Treasure Trap crew. (24 photos)

13.4 – Building the Summer House, 1996
Pictures from the build of the magnificent summer house constructed in the Earlings garden by a team led by Jyl in 1996. It was an inspired project that led to a wonderful building which – for the following 14 years – became the place where Tobin studied his GCSEs, Peter wrote his book, and many travellers stayed over.
This album features: Jyl, Reg and Ruth. (11 photos)

13.5 – 1990s: Parties, Trips, Outings
Various pictures from 1990s gatherings and adventures. Including many Earlings get-togethers, human pyramids, Ruth in America (1994), Peter’s graduation (1995), Peter in Bangkok (1996), the maypole party and Lyn and Jack getting married. (52 photos)


Baker-Marsh 2000s

14.1 – General Noughties, from Reg & Jyl’s collection
One of the most diverse albums in the archive, made up of pictures from Jyl and Reg’s albums and gathered up from their belongings after they passed away. Including: events at Earlings (2002/03), the death of Biggum (a tree), Ruben, Bess (junior) as a baby, a trip on Stafford’s boat, a London outing with Janet Fulford and Susie Colbert, Ruth’s graduation, domestic pictures of Earlings, the birth of Polly, and the funeral of Jyl. (89 photos)

14.2 – USA Trip, 2001
Photos from Reg and Jyl’s major trip to America in 2001. They travelled to locations including Albany, Las Vegas, Baker California (Reg bought the mug), and visited Jyl’s friend, Sue. The trip was a wild success, a central experience of Reg and Jyl’s elder years, and one on which they both reminisced until their dying days. (39 photos)

14.3 – Christmas in Wales, 2001
Photos from the big family Christmas get-together in Wales in 2001, organised and funded by Stafford and Pippin. The family stayed at a Welsh manor. Pagan represented the American family. It was a flagship event involving dinners, presents, walks, formal-wear and fancy dress. It was Bess’ first major public appearance. Featuring: Pip, Pia, Bess junior, Stafford, Pippin, Reg, Jyl, Ruth, Peter, Sally Rawsham, Helen Bridgeman and Stafford’s two friends from New Zealand. (31 photos)


14.4 – Stafford & Cristina’s Wedding
Photos of Stafford and Christina’s wedding, from Reg and Jyl’s collection. I believe this was around 2002. Featuring: Stafford, Christina, Pip, Pia, Pippin, Bess, Reg and Jyl. (11 photos)

14.5 – Earlings in the Snow, by Reg
A beautiful set of photos of Earlings in the snow, taken by Reg. I found these amongst his things after his death. There was very cold winter in 2009/10, in the months after Jyl died. It’s likely these were taken then. They’re a moving testament to his love for the place where he lived-out the second half of his life. I thought they deserved their own folder. (7 photos)

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