Archive Project 2: Baker Family, Twentieth Century

This is set 2 of 3 of the list of online albums created from the Donnelly-Marsh-Baker archiving project – which involved scanning and archiving online the photos (dating to between 1987 and 2010) left at Earlings.

This set encompasses general photos of the Baker family from the twentieth century, and photos of Reg Baker’s life from before he moved to Dedham in 1972. These photos are from the Ancestor Chest, passed to me by cousin Graham, my aunt, Hazel, and my uncle, Jack, or gathered up from nooks and drawers when clearing Reg’s bungalow after his death.

Click on the titles to go to the online albums.

7 – Reg Baker in Palestine, 1946 to 1948
Photos from Reg Baker’s military posting, as a dispatch rider for the Royal Army Ordinance Corps, in Palestine, between 1946 and 1948. The photos feature Reg and his army colleagues, along with pictures from the Suez Canal, Jerusalem, the military base on which he was stationed, and the aftermath of the destruction, via terrorist action, of the Ras-el-ein railway station on 10 November 1946. Guns, motorbikes and military hardware. Go, Dad. (50 photos)

8.1 – Lillian & Harry, 1950s, Cyprus and Grandparents
Photos of the Riddles family, both in Cyprus, where Harry Riddles was stationed after the war, and back in the UK. There was an extensive collection of these in the Ancestor Chest, including a full album I’d never seen before. They feature my aunt Lillian Riddles (nee Baker), her husband, Harry, her children, Keith and Sarah, and her parents, Thomas and Rosina. (100 photos)

8.2 – Baker Children, before 1970
Reg Baker acted as unofficial family photographer when his siblings started having kids, and there’s an explosion of photos of Baker nephews and nieces from the 1950s and 1960s. They feature my Baker first cousins: Keith, Sarah, Robert, Graham, William, Clive, Ivan, Debbie and Moira (and possibly the remainder of David Baker’s daughters – I’m unable to identify all the baby-Baker subjects). (68 photos)

8.3 – Baker Family, General, up to 1970
The main archive of Baker family photos from the twentieth century, featuring a number of very interesting shots. Includes: photos of great uncle George in the military (early twentieth century), a dashing Thomas Baker’s military photo (c. 1910), Reg and Jack Baker’s evacuation photo in Stoke-on-Trent (c. 1940), Lillian Baker in the military, David and Cynthia Baker’s wedding, Jack and Hazel Baker’s wedding, some great family shots, general photos of Thomas and Rosina, and pictures of Sarah and Richard’s wedding. (58 photos)

The Baker Family of Colchester, c. 1965

8.4 – Baker Family, Important Documents
An archive of important Baker family documents with which I’ve been entrusted. They’re collected here, in a publicly-accessible place, as a resource for the family. It consists of: Thomas Baker’s war records, a memory of Thomas Baker from WW1 (recorded by his son, Jack), Thomas and Rosina’s marriage certificate, Thomas Baker’s death certificate, and Thomas Baker’s two army discharge forms. (8 scans)

9.1 – Reg Baker, General, 1948 to 1972
Photos of Reg Baker’s life between leaving the army (1948) and moving into Earlings (1972). This album includes photos of him as a young man, photos of his MG Rover car (of which he was very proud), photos from the Colchester Rovers cycle club of which he was an active member, and photos of his, ahem, lady friends. (55 photos)

9.2 – Reg Baker, Artistic Photography
In the 1960s, Reg Baker worked as a photographer. Some of the pictures in the archive are artistic photos taken by him around that time. Some are very good. I thought it would be fun to give them their own album. One of the photos of his dear friend, John French, won a competition. (18 photos)



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