Archive Project 1: Donnelly-Marsh, 1870 to 1970

This is set 1 of 3 of the list of online albums created from the Donnelly-Marsh-Baker archiving project – which involved scanning and archiving online the photos (dating to between 1987 and 2010) left at Earlings.

This set covers the Donnelly and Marsh families prior to 1970. They come primarily from the chest at Earlings (“the Ancestor Chest”), the red-burgundy photo box passed down by Peter and Bess Marsh, and Jon the Don’s strongbox.

Click on the titles to go to the online albums.

1.1 – Jon the Don’s Strongbox
Scanned contents of the strong box of John Donnelly (1875 to 1928), which later passed to his eldest child, Bessie (“Bess”) Marsh nee Donnelly (1905 to 1974). The contents includes photos, keepsakes and legal documents. (68 images)

1.2 – Donnelly up to c. 1950
Photos from the Donnelly Family from the late nineteenth century to about 1950. Featuring Jon the Don, his wife Molly Molloy, their ancestors, children and grandchildren. (33 photos)

2 – Marsh pre-1930
Photos of the Marsh family from the late nineteenth century to around 1930. Featuring: William Marsh (born c. 1799), Sarah Marsh nee Wright (1796-1865), Elizabeth Marsh nee Brine (1857-1938), Henry Marsh (1843-1906), and Henry and Elizabeth’s children: Clarissa, Edith and Peter. (93 photos)

3.1 – The Dotage of Elizabeth Marsh the Elder
Photos of the final years of Elizabeth Marsh (1857-1938), a central figure in the history of her family, and the earliest-born person for whom the archive contains a full life arc. My great grandmother was a lady with a penchant for hats, flamboyant clothing and having her photo taken. The pictures in this album date from 1928 to 1938. (33 photos)

3.2 – The Marsh Kids at Valette
Photos of the four Marsh children (Elizabeth Jyl Marsh, Lyn Jennifer Marsh, Peter ‘Pip’ Gordon Marsh and John Donnelly Marsh) from when the family lived at Buxton in Derbyshire, during which period the four were aged between babies and toddlers. The pictures date from between 1934 and 1942. (115 photos)

3.3 – Marsh General, 1930 to 1950
The main Marsh archive covering c. 1930 to c. 1950, featuring primarily Peter Marsh (1898 to 1956), his wife, Bess (1905-1974), his two sisters, Clarissa and Edith, his brother-in-law, Bernard, and his four children. In this album, the five adults are in their prime, while the children are aged between babies and teenagerhood. (171 photos)

4.1 – Peter Marsh in the USSR, c.1950
Peter Marsh visited the USSR as part of a peace delegation shortly after the end of World War II – an oft-related piece of family history. He seems to have travelled extensively during the trip. The photos cover locations including the Moscow Metro, Dnipropetrovsk (in central Ukraine), and Tashkent (in what later became Uzbekistan). (21 photos)

4.2 – Bess Marsh in North Korea, 1954
Bess Marsh visited North Korea in 1954 as part of her international peace-building work. She was there on invitation from the Korean National Women’s Assembly, to take part in a meeting of Korean Women. The photos are from in and around Pyongyang. (12 photos)

5.1 – Marsh General, 1950 to 1970
The main Marsh archive covering c. 1950 to c. 1970. It features Peter and Bess Marsh, their siblings, in-laws, nieces, nephews and children. In this album the Marsh kids are young adults. (140 photos)

5.2 – Bess and the Colchester International Club
Among Bess Marsh’s wide-ranging accomplishments was founding and running the Colchester International Club. The club was dedicated to promoting friendship and understanding between people from different backgrounds in the Colchester area. There were a few photos from the club in the archive and I gave them their own album. (6 photos)

6 – Old Family Houses
A compilation of photos of homes that belonged to the Donnelly-Marsh-Copnall family in the twentieth century, including Bryn Tanat at Llansanfried, Valette in Buxton, Lufkins Farm in Dedham, Gothic Farm in Suffolk, Earlings cottage in Dedham, and East Stockwell Street in Colchester. (39 photos)

10 – America, the 1960s
Photos from America in the 1960s, shortly after Lyn Marsh (later Howard, later Alexander) moved there. This album features Lyn, her then-husband Burt, their children Pagan and Thia, and Lyn’s mother, Bess. (38 photos)



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