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In the travel and philosophy book, The Jolly Pilgrim, Peter Baker used a two-year, round-the-world travel adventure as a vehicle to communicate a series of reframes of the human project and contemporary civilization, which add up to a deeply optimistic worldview.

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Peter is happy to communicate or discuss his ideas, including giving presentations regarding the optimistic worldview set out in The Jolly Pilgrim.

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Peter’s agent is Valeria Raimondi. Valeria has 20 years experience in publishing, as a reader, editor and publisher. She now run the Raimondi and Campbell Literary Agency, based in London and Milan.

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Peter Baker grew up in East Anglia and read physics at Durham University. After graduating he moved to Asia, working as a science teacher in India and (briefly) as a club singer in Bangkok. On his return to the UK he became a writer for a global insurance consultancy in the West End, while exploring London’s intellectual and cultural scene, pursuing interests in evolutionary psychology, economics and history, and beginning the development of his thesis regarding the shape and character of the human project.

In 2005, he embarked upon the journey recorded in The Jolly Pilgrim, during which his ideas concerning the context of contemporary civilisation became fully formed. Following his return home, he spent a year living in a one-room wooden cabin at the bottom of an apple orchard, while writing and caring for his dying mother. He then moved back to London, took a job in the City and spent two years polishing the manuscript.

The Jolly Pilgrim is his first book.  It has been covered in publications including The Daily Telegraph, National Geographic Traveller, The Ecologist, Travel Ideas magazine, The Actuarial Post, the Essex County Standard, the Essex Gazette and Cycling Active magazine, along with the newspapers of the universities of Birmingham (Redbrick), Exeter (Exepose), Leeds (Leeds Student), Surrey (The Stag), and the London School of Economics (London Student).


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