Secret Gardens, Web Platforms and Comedy Ted

I’m appearing at the Secret Garden Party festival, in Cambridgeshire, at 17.00, this Sunday 22nd July 2012, in the Forum tent. My talk will be about:

  • Civilisation as an emergent property of Earth’s ecosphere
  • The last 1,000 years of homicide, poverty and human-welfare data
  • A Gaian perspective on current environmental issues

I’ll be joined on stage by Tom Mansfield – the performance poet commissioned to write the poem for the London 2012 Olympic Village – who will be reading the H. G. Wells passage. I’ll be followed by the League of Pragmatic Optimists.


The Book

Website Revamped

The website for The Jolly Pilgrim has now been rebuilt and arranged so it can act as a platform for my stuff for the rest of my life.

Notable pages:

Lots of new material will be bolted onto the site over the coming months – much of it about sustainability.

Fun, sun, sea, sand and jugs of Olympic spirit.

Pete Baker
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Roses are red. My name is not Dave. This poem makes no sense. Microwave. – Comedy TED

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