Media Update – May 2012

Recent media for The Jolly Pilgrim:


The Actuarial Post - article and review

The Actuarial Post published an article about the book, along with a marvellous (and, dare I say it, insightful) review by a Fellow of the Institute and Faculty of Actuaries. Click here to see it.

The magazine cut Mr McDade’s full review for space reasons. However, I got to see the full text so I posted it on the book’s Facebook page here.


Cycling Active magazine serialising Part 1 of The Jolly Pilgrim

Cycling Active magazine are serialising Part 1 of The Jolly Pilgrim on their website. The version they’ll be posting (in four or five parts) has been abridged (by me) to strip out the philosophy and metaphysics, and stick to the bicycles and lunacy. Click here to see the first part of their serialisation.


Amazon Page

I now have my own page on Amazon. Well exciting. Click here to see it.



My number one hero - as seen on Pinterest

My online media adviser told me to get on Pinterest, so I did. Check it out, you too can say what your favourite books are and who you find inspirational. Click here to see my boards.


And finally …

Slightly off topic. My father served in the Royal Army Ordinance Corps, in Palestine, between 1946 and 1948, and was offended by a recently-broadcast interview conducted by Jeremy Paxman. Father wanted to communicate this to Mr Paxman, so naturally I volunteered to write the letter. Click here for details.


In anticipation of the joys of spring.

Pete Baker
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