46: Phase Change

28 March 2012

Good Morning Everybody

I‘ve resolved to keep you informed with media and website updates etc, but from now on I’ll spare you the blow-by-blow account of my movements, and especially my love life (because I keep getting myself in trouble).

From now on I’ll focus my energy on elaborating and clarifying the optimistic, big-picture world view I regard as a level-headed assessment of the modern world, through articles, analysis and shooting my mouth off about a wider range of topics.

Loose ends:

  • Following HotHive Book’s demise, I’m set up with a new publisher – SRA Books. The Jolly Pilgrim will remain permanently available in all good book shops and on all major ebook formats.
  • Despite dire warnings to the contrary, my right arm made a miraculous recovery. I put this down to a positive mental attitude, constant exercise, healthy eating, plenty of sleep and X-man-like powers of regeneration. My sling was confiscated. Joy.
  • I’ll be doing various talks/festivals later this year, as well as the Olympics closing ceremony and four George Michael numbers at Peacefest 2012.
  • I got a literary agent – one approached me after reading the book.
  • CLICK HERE for why I favour the CE/BCE dating system, over the AC/BC system (people keep asking).

At the bottom of this email are quotes from some of my favourite reviews. Attached is the excerpt (from Part 10) carrying the book’s core message – about not comparing the real world to a fanciful, imaginary one in our heads, but to see ourselves as revolutions in a Gaiaistic circle of life, spinning down the aeons.

Remember: the world you see around you is not defined by an economic rebalancing from west to east, climate change or a clash of civilisations. Those things are just incidents, implicit to a short slice of history, between the invention of agriculture and the human world turning into whatever it’s going to turn into.

And what a world it is.

In peace

Pete Baker
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Age of Aquarius_GMXI_The Jolly Pilgrim

“A next-generation travelogue.”
- The Stag (Surrey University)

“A mind-blowing read.”
- Redbrick Travel (The University of Birmingham)

“A truly inspiring book.”
- Xmediaonline

“Reading this book may change the way you think about the world.”
- The Actuarial Post

“An intriguing travelogue – part adventure story, part reflective musings.”
- National Geographic Traveller

“I was enthralled.”
- Leeds Student (University of Leeds)

“A crazy cycle trip across Europe resulted in a grand exploration of the world.”
- The Essex County Standard

“Suggests a different way of looking at the problems we face today.”
- London Student (University of London)

“A real-life odyssey. A jolly read indeed.”
- Travel Ideas Magazine

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2 Responses to “46: Phase Change”

  1. Mark Snare Says:

    Well I think the eradication of carnal episodes gets a sigh of relief from the readship. It wasn’t good with morning porridge.

  2. Mark Snare Says:

    although both are of course, hot and sticky.

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