The Jolly Pilgrim – references and supporting text

17 November 2011

Good Morning Everybody

The reference sections (Appendix II) for The Jolly Pilgrim are now live, so we finally have a complete, internet-supported product. Every number, and most of the facts, are sourced on these pages. If I’ve missed anything, do point it out.

I apologise for the delay in posting these. Getting 18,000 words of supporting material online turned out to be a big job.

I’ve used the opportunity to expand on areas alluded to in the text, including: animal consciousness, astrological ages, killer bees, Carl Sagan, extrasolar planets, happiness, Sappho, Sumer and Gaia’s earthling-dispersal strategy.

Here is the link to the reference page menu.

Also now online:

Finally, three months in, it’s apparent that the parts of the book’s thesis many core readers regard as most controversial are the bits about economic history and systems – my view that free and open economies are the most effective way to serve the interests of human (and, ultimately, planetary) welfare. Given current events, this one will clearly run and run, but I’ve seen fit to add a few more thoughts (Part 9, scroll down to ‘Civilisational logistics’).


Pete Baker

‘Why be happy when you could be normal?’ – Jeanette Winterson

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