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People keep asking for something to explain the book to their friends. Apparently my explanations are over-complicated, so I’ve lifted three sets of other people’s words (below).

The only thing which matters now is word of mouth. I’d be astoundingly grateful if you’d spread the word, using one of the explanations below, or one of your own.

I also attach a PDF document about the book – feel free to send it to anyone you think is suitable, or everyone you’ve ever met.


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Explaining The Jolly Pilgrim

1) An attempt at a unified, inclusive theory of humankind’s past, present and future that manages to be both realistic and blazingly positive.

2) A compelling travelogue which takes you on a whirlwind tour round the planet, through all the vicissitudes and jubilation of a 21st-century lifestyle, into an inspiring reflection on the human project.

3) A mind-opening, addictive and insightful tale of humanity: where we’ve been and where we’re going. It’s time to think outside the box people, there’s no turning back and there’s no instruction manual.

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Click below to load the USP document about the book:

The Jolly Pilgrim_USPs

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