Website update and Reader’s Gallery

Hello All

Some additions to the website:

  • A Readers Gallery of pictures I’ve been sent from around the world, including: a Darlek, a crustacean, a man on the khazi and a reader knocked senseless through metaphysics. Please do contribute.
  • A bio of the long-standing power behind my throne, Mrs Katie Roberts: who is finally receiving public acknowledgement, following a decade of selfless toil on my behalf.
  • A purchase options page, with links to the main options for purchase of the book and ebook. Note the groovy coloured buttons.

The Jolly Pilgrim is finally available in every major ebook format (Apple’s iBook version came online last week). Pages and posts on the website can now be individually shared through social-networking sites.

The reference pages, showing the sources for every figure quoted in The Jolly Pilgrim and featuring extensive additional commentary, will be posted shortly.

Many thanks

Pete Baker

‘If you find yourself spending eight continuous hours on [a computer game] without doing any physical training, stop, pick up a Wiffle bat and beat yourself in the face until you realise you need to get out of the house and do something physical. You need to balance your life, damn it.’ – Lieutenant Colonel Hank Keirsey

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  1. Mark Snare Says:

    I think I can see enough of Sainty’s scrotum for ten lifetimes in that picture. Can I suggest some pixellation or similar

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