The Jolly Pilgrim @ The Bermondsay Street Festival, 2011

Hello Everyone

I will be appearing at the Bermondsay Street Festival, London SE1, at 11.30 tomorrow Saturday 24th September 2011. The closest station is London Bridge.

I’m on at the Performance Stage, on the corner of Bermondsay Street and White’s Grounds, to talk about my thesis that everyone should cheer up, chill out and embrace how great it is to be evolved apes living in an open-ended civilisation.

This is the second chance to hear me talk about my stuff. I’m on early, so I imagine things will be quiet, and I’ll have a less forgiving and captive audience that at the book launch.

The performance poet Tom Mansfield will be appearing alongside me.

This is the link to my post on the Festival’s blog.  This is the programme (with a map). The Performance Stage is number 7.

Many thanks to Greg Battarbee for organising.

The weather is looking good. Any support hugely appreciated.

All the best

Pete Baker


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