The Jolly Pilgrim – media update

17 August 2011

Since the book launch, my publishers have released two extracts. We’ve been very pleased with the reactions so far.

Telegraph extract

Suzi Dixon, a journalist working for The Daily Telegraph, who was at the launch, requested the text for the subchapter featured in the reading by Kirsty Wood (starts, p94). It was published online, in the expat section of the newspaper, the following week and was the second highest trending article on their site that day. The Telegraph subsequently used it as the lead piece in an international newsletter.

Click here to see the extract.

I’m delighted to report that the extract led to me getting abused on The Telegraph website. To be fair, I think the abusers failed to grasp the expansive nature of my commentary on the historical development of political constructs, but I’m grateful for the attention nonetheless.

Ecologist extract

Louise, my PR comrade at the HotHive, was talking to The Ecologist magazine (a key publication within the Green movement, founded during the first wave of environmental awareness in the early 70s). To get things moving, I suggested we send them Global Musings II (‘Gaia Theory’, starts p276).

The magazine’s journalists received the extract last Tuesday and published it as a featured article four hours later. It received more Tweets and Facebook likes during its first 24 hours online than the article by Michael Meacher (the ex-Minister for the Environment) received in a month.

Click here to see the extract.

The extract was then re-posted by websites in the USA (see here) and Canada (see here).

This is only an abridged version of one element of the book’s core thesis. It’s where I set out a Gaiaistic interpretation of human civilisation (i.e. we’re just another ecological phenomenon) in preparation for the culmination in Part 10, where I go for the really big-picture stuff (i.e. human consciousness as an ephemeral sub-pattern within an immortal continuum of cosmic evolution). I’m therefore encouraged that the extract received so much attention in such a prestigious publication.

And finally …

James Reed, the Harvard-educated, major gun Chairman and Chief Executive of Reed Global (for whom I’ve been working for the last three years, albeit at some remove), mentioned the book is his intra-company blog on 3rd August. This is what he said:

‘My holiday was certainly enhanced by a book that was sent to me by Peter Baker, Recruitment Manager at Reed Actuarial in the City, entitled “The Jolly Pilgrim”.  Peter’s book recounted his extraordinary travels by bicycle, or “cyclatron” as he liked to call it, across Europe to Istanbul and then on by more mechanised methods around the world.  Peter wrote the book about his adventures in the years 2005 to 2007. Among his many tales, the one that impressed me the most was that he swam across the Bosphorus in Istanbul from Europe to Asia.  I have been there and I know that this is quite a hazardous feat, not least because giant tanker ships travel at speed through this narrow strait of water both night and day.  Peter, I’m glad they missed you and thank you for sharing your journey which was both entertaining and inspiring.’

I’d sent him a copy of the book in gratitude for the fantastic job. Thank you, once again, James.


Pete Baker

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