Book Update – July 2011 – Release dates and ebooks

3 July 2011

Hello Everybody

The first paperback print run of The Jolly Pilgrim will be delivered from the printers to my publishers, the HotHive, this Thursday, 7 July 2011.

The book will then go on general release in the UK on Monday, 11 July 2011. Anyone who has ordered it through the HotHive will have their copy posted to them that week. I’ve asked the publishers to make the delivery of international pre-orders their first priority.

Five hundred copies will also be sent to me in London, for sale at the book launch, other events and to anyone who lets me talk to them.

It takes about a month for the various sales channels to be up and running. Anyone who has ordered the book through Amazon, WH Smith, or other online retailers will receive their copies in August.

The Jolly Pilgrim will be released as an ebook, on Kindle and iBook formats, from mid-August. News on that will be forthcoming.

Several people have asked about it appearing in bookshops. Thus far, we’ve had orders from a few independent book shops. Getting chain stores and other independents to stock it will require some leg work. I’ll be turning my attention to that shortly.

With great anticipation.

Pete Baker

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2 Responses to “Book Update – July 2011 – Release dates and ebooks”

  1. Mark Snare Says:

    Well well, this is it, fire that sucker out into the yonder and see what she does. How very exciting.

  2. Joanne Taylor-Horne Says:

    Bring-it-on! Well done Pete!

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