Book Update – April 2011

Hello Everybody

Last week, quite a few people realised that the book is now available for pre-order through online sales channels. I thought I’d better update you.

The Jolly Pilgrim will be released at the beginning of July 2011 through The Hot Hive, an independent publishing house based in Worcestershire. Initially, it will be released as a paperback in the UK (RRP £10.99) and globally as an ebook, on all formats (RRP to be decided). Following release, it takes about a month for the various sales channels (Amazon etc) to be up and running.

If you’d like to pre-order, I’d be grateful if you’d do that through my publisher’s website.

Two reasons:

  1. Because you’ll get it one month earlier
  2. So a large corporation doesn’t gobble up a lion’s share of the profit

The Hot Hive Website

There’ll be an official launch event, in London, in early July. I’m unable to provide further details at this point. However, rest assured, I’ll marshal all my powers to ensure a rewarding social engagement. Copies will be available for purchase there.

Lots of people have asked if I will sign their copy. Let me be clear – if you’re prepared to buy my book, I am prepared to write whatever you damn well please in it.

More updates in the very near future.

Spread the word.


Peter Baker

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9 Responses to “Book Update – April 2011”

  1. Jamie Kitson Says:

    Don’t think they can handle all the traffic you’ve generated :)

  2. Mark Snare Says:

    yep, you’ve crashed their server with your bulk traffic W.W.B, the POWER you WIELD comes with GREAT RESPONSIBILITY

  3. Noahboy Says:

    ohmygod. the first day you have the book actually for sale and you destroyed your publisher’s website. mental.

  4. P. T. Bakermarsh Says:

    Afternoon All

    Yes, it is true, my first note flagging up the fact that pre-orders were possible was enough to crash my publisher’s website. It went down first thing this morning, just as the Western Hemisphere was waking up.

    I’m interpreting that as a positive thing.

    The website is now working again.

    Thank you to everyone who got in touch to tell me (or take the piss).


    More from me soon.

  5. Roger Mortimer Says:

    Congratulations! Have ordered copy. Looking forward to a really good summer read.
    Cheers, Annie and Roger.

  6. Mark Snare Says:

    hothive crashed again, I think they’ve been hacked too!!! Do these guys know their cyberbeans?

  7. Charlotte Martindale Says:

    no, it isn’t working, or am I just being blonde??? ;-)

  8. Mark Snare Says:

    nope, its deffo bust! Badly too by the look, the homepage diverts to a church’s website now!

  9. Simon* Hunt Says:

    Aaaand I’ve finally put down hard cash on this sucker.

    That is sooooooo exciting.

    Warmest congratulations Pt – and I’m glad to hear the _next_ book is in early gestation.

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