Book Update – May 2009

How is the book going?

The brief answer: really well.

If you’re interested in the long answer, here you are…

Chapter One (20 percent of the manuscript) was arranged and sent for review on 1 March 2009. It’s since been reviewed and copyedited by six people, all of whose comments have now been incorporated. As of this weekend, it’s being submitted for final copyediting.

For most of the last two months I’ve been incorporating the extensive feedback I’ve received on chapters two through to six. Chapters two, three, four and five (the second 20 percent of the manuscript) will be ready for final copyediting imminently.

Chapter Six is basically done. Chapter Seven needs some final arranging. Chapter Eight only requires incorporation of the feedback I’ve had for it.

The only substantial work remaining is the final arrangement of chapters nine and ten. That’s what I’m doing now. I expect to complete that by the end of the summer. Concurrent to that I’ll begin showing the relevant parts of the manuscript to the people who appear in it (for their approval) and incorporating the feedback on chapters seven and eight.

When chapters nine and ten are done, writing the book will not so much come to an end as begin to wind down. At that point I’ll start cranking up the selling process.

I might even get a life again.


‘When I was a kid I used to pray every night for a new bicycle. Then I realised God doesn’t work like that so I stole one and prayed for forgiveness.’ – Emo Philips

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3 Responses to “Book Update – May 2009”

  1. Giulia & Marco Says:

    Hi Pete
    It’s Giulia and Marco – (Serena and Matteo’s friends) we met last Sat.
    We are really looking forward to reading your book! Plus the pictures of your trip to Italy made me (Giulia) remember how beautiful Trieste is… Not sure Matteo remembers how long is hair used to be though :-)
    Anyway. Take care, and good luck!

  2. Quintin Says:

    Hi Pete,

    Glad progress is being made! Certainly looking forward to seing it in the shops. On that note and the big question is what are you going to put on the cover..:-)

    Take care buddy,


  3. cleopatra Says:

    Hi Pete,its Paola we met las week in Manor Park i hope to see you tommorrow,or mybe you can contact Duglas?i really like the pics make me remeber how beautiful is India,i love Goa,is my favorite place.Also Italy,&fantastic pics from Uruguay were i was born,thx.

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